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luxury villa
Project no.1

Pepper House, Malaga


Functional & contemporary design for uneven plot with significant incline. Pure line architecture with breath-taking views of Malaga Bay, in the south of Spain

contemporary luxury villa
Project no.2

Bolarque House, Madrid


Contemporary design comprising of a detached house located on the outskirts of Madrid; distributed throughout a basement, ground floor and first, with a total of 800m². Including a swimming pool and garden.

Modern villa
Project no.3
Cube of Light, Malaga

3-storey single-family home with clean lines and a minimalist finish. The external facade brings privacy in contrast to the rear design with large windows that open to the sea. The purity of the lines achieved is strengthened by using the white colour that fills the house with light.



Restaurant project
Project no.4

MUCHA Restaurant, Strachan Street, Malaga

Alphonse Maria Mucha, Czech artist, father of the modernist poster, key piece of art nouveau and art icon of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

On this occasion our work has a proper name at request of our client, of Czech origin, lover of art and good food.


Beautiful contemporary villa
Project no.5
The Power of Symmetry, Baviera Golf, Malaga

Semi-detached houses project, over a 420m² building area, each, with 4 levels. Excellent views to the sea and golf course. Thanks to the perfect symmetry and the infinite pool you get a feeling of unity despite being totally independent villas.


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